petak, 12. veljače 2010.

retro de luxe

Nokia 2330 classic
in side of case.
Moast parts of Case are recikled
from typewrither machine.
The letters on keys are hand writhen,
there is some possibility to print letters
on metal but I havent work out that fore now.
I put the black onyx stone fore menu key, it match nice weath colors and hase some good vibrations
One collector gave me this typewrither
couse i helped him restorate some things,
and it looked weary cool weath this white plastic
and orange color and this parts fit so nice in this

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[kaz] kaže...

I think you should acid etch the numbers into the keys, and then add some liver of sulphur to darken them. steel wool away the high areas, and the etched areas will remain dark.

Ivan Mavrović kaže...

Thanks! I like that idea this is
weary useful tip, I will certainly try experiment some weath that, but
I dont know could that be possyble
weath this keys couse I dont want
to sctratch the original orange color, and there is steel under and i dont know can steel be darken weath some liver of sulphur.
If I dont think of something beather mybe I will wash this keys of, couse it looks beather without letters.
Nice to hawe some smarter peoples than me oround to point my mistakes.!

[kaz] kaže...

looks like you can skip the acid-etching technique and just engrave the plates with a diamond-tipped tool. after that, you can apply a patina made for steel and use a rubbing pad of some sort to remove the excess patina from the plates after treatment without scratching off the rest of the copper plating. here's a site I found that sells patina for steel

hope that helps! I love your work :D

Ivan Mavrović kaže...
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Ivan Mavrović kaže...

That could look nice, but it will still be hand writhen and I was thinking how to make some font that
is more technicly correct fore this
Thanks fore site you hawe open some new ideas fore me.

Daneil Fletcher kaže...

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Kat =) kaže...

This is amazing! is there any chance of getting an iPhone or blackberry steampunked? Will be eternally grateful!
please email me: