srijeda, 3. prosinca 2014.

tesla pen

Robotix of light

Recycled, lightbals, elektonik parts, wire, bras,coper, wood,
oather materials and elements

This one, grashoper has USB device instal inside,
legs are cover fore USB.

galactic biology

Ruber, coper wire, wood,

tourdecro,bike suvenir

tour de Croatia ,

ponedjeljak, 21. srpnja 2014.


recycle,brass,coper, wood,


Spray can recycle, yin yang cyber design


Spraycan design


Spraycan recicle, yin yang steampunk fulcolor design


Spray can recicle, yinyangmachine design


Hadphones, recicle, from spraycans, wood elements,ruber,brass....

subota, 27. ožujka 2010.


Multifunctional pen gadget made of brass ,coper,
steel, wood, leather, fork, knife, spoon, lighter, usb stick, watch, lamp, screwdriver, pipe,toothbrush,shaweing blade, nail clipper, two
extra mines.

Safe for all ages, in the case of various extreme situations with this pencil
you can save your life and others so it is always good to carry with you , can be used for scaring thieves and thugs and resolving various life situations on funny way.