ponedjeljak, 28. rujna 2009.

Ozone battery

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Row kaže...

Is your work for sale :)?

Ivan Mavrović kaže...

Yes,if you are interested yu can buy this one, ore order one and I can make it fore you, that way we can tak obout stile and details you want your fone to look ,
There is my e-mail on the blog
feel free to contact me

Надежда kaže...

I know it's funny. I have a bonus for You.

I very like Your stuff!

jjjjj kaže...

I want this :)
Can I buy it ?

Please contact me with on offer!
Thank you!

Ivan Mavrović kaže...

Thanks for the bonus Надежда,nice
things, good luck weath your work

cherryblogger71_is kaže...

What does the back look like?