utorak, 11. kolovoza 2009.

Bright Side of Death

Sheep scull, brass parts,mouse electric device
"the sheep dyed naturall death"

lubanja ovce, brončani djelovi, uređaj optičkog miša
"ovca je umrla prirodnom smrću"

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Daniel kaže...

video or it didn't happen :P

Luca kaže...

Where can I buy it?!

Honey Bee kaže...

beautiful! Can you make a necklace like that?

Kay kaže...

Vi ste dobro inenaju umetnik mi-Volim vaš rad! Ovaj Miš je većina veličanstveni. je na prodaju? Ako je tako, koliko je novca za to? (koristim onlajn prevodilac - sam pročitao engleski)

You are an amazing artist to me-I love your work! This mouse is most magnificent. Is it for sale? If so, how much money for it? (I am using an online translator - I read English)

Ivan Mavrović kaže...

Thank you all for coments,and fore visiting my blog. I think maybe to make the cayboard in complet
with mouse then I would like to sale it and the mouse would cost about
250 Euro if it is widhouth cayboard.It is best if you have some intrest about seling and ordering some product to email me than I could give you more informations that you are interested.
Jou can finde mail under contact

Rona kaže...

That is an incredible work of art. It's brilliant.

Ivan Mavrović kaže...

My sister and cousin found this skeleton on the top of the mountain
on the ireland Pag and couse of the salt in the air it was totaly dezinfected and dry,from some reason they decided to bring me the skull,
Thank you fore that!

Jose Lopez kaže...

Take my money and give it to ME! lol where can I purchase one?